Give me some time to contemplate first.

Okay, that’s enough. Well, let’s loosen up our muscle first. From now on and ever after. I will try not to become too serious from now on, to be less serious. i think it’s a challenge. So when I tried not to be serious I always end up, empty, lost, I don’t know what to said. But when I just be the usual me I also end up in confusion– or should I say doubt like what Descartes said. Geez, what a crap.

I feel like reviewing something and I think I’ve decided to review this one brand new comic. So what’s so great about comic? It’s just interesting, a sequential of images line by line, collumn by collumn, resulting in something so alive. I’m not trying to be critical on how I define comics as something interesting, but to pick the bottom line that’s my definition, on why I found comic so interesting. In a more special, specific, view I would say some specific comics catches my attention because of its story, concept, characters, etc.

Okay, so back on reviewing. Here now we have Koloni, if I’m not mistaken it’s an abbreviation for “Komik Lokal Indonesia”, a series of publishing line(?) serving only local comics. And by I mean local is Indonesia comic, contemporary Indonesian comics I would say. Since I always found myself ended up in the glory of the past whenever I’m in a discussion regarding Indonesian comics. Of course that made me sick, okay it’s good to have a past but what’s the point of just repeating the glory of past when we have something new right here and now. Something not so bad even though (maybe) not as good as the old ones–oh, how I love the old days of Benny and Mice–.

So up to this point I know there’s already 2 generations of Koloni, the first one is the line of Is Yuniarto’s “Garudayana” (one of my personal favorite, but still lacks something for me), Azisa Noor’s “Satu Atap” (personal favorite, a light-hearted story, but a bit “funny” on one part), Ekyu’s “Morte” (I still don’t understand this one), Galang’s “Hopper” (for those who likes comical action this one probably the best), and there’s also “Alsa”, “My Ghost Sister”, “Best Friend”, and “Flower Rhapsody”. I haven’t read the last four until now so I can’t even give any decent comments ;__;

And then there’s the second line with: Mazjojo’s “4Hero”, Ockto cs’ “B.O.C.A.H.”, Chairunnisa and Adrianne Yuanita’s “Chrysanthemum”, and Erick Sulaiman’s “Binatang Jatuh”. I’ve decided on reviewing “Binatang Jatuh”, at first I thought reviewing “Chrysanthemum” is not a bad idea, and of course “B.O.C.A.H.” But then I’ve fallen in love with this “Binatang Jatuh”. Hahaha.

Oh, wait I forgot to mention the “special” line of Koloni’s. The one published during Ramadhan last year, the “Ngabuburit!”, a comic compilation of five stories. Inside it you can find Galang’s “Garudaboi Patroli Sahur”, IPOT’s “Buah Kejujuran”, Azisa Noor’s “Ramadhan 2000 H”, Dyotami’s “Cincaw Setan!!”, and Fachreza’s “Karina”.

I think I’ve waste too many times already so let’s just begin.

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It’s been a long since I last wrote a poem. Not too long maybe, I think it’s around August las year. But to write some poem seriously, it’s been a very very long time. I didn’t have much to tell so here’s a piece.

Rejoice! It’s in Indonesian.

Take a peek.

Living in the Bubble

January 22, 2010

“oh, hey you’re so nasty I won’t get near you. I’m save in this germ-free bubble.
and you woman should never leave this bubble, you’re an asset after all.”

Recently, due to the ‘ojek haram’ issue, I’ve been thinking that those cleric are analogous to an obsessive-compulsive person. In term likes they live inside their own germ-free bubble in which they perceive anything outside them, or not related to them, as germs. In case of germs well of course the will treat that as something nasty, noxious, or anything bad. The only save for them is themselves, nothing more nothing less. Or in some case when they’ve gathered enough power and turn into a cult-like power in the end they will turn into one kind of person but still many, just imagine a group of otakus with their stereotypical looks and behavior. The fact that we are the same so there will be no problem between us, we’re the same after all.

If a picture speaks more than words, that’s it. Just a quick update after finishing my cartoon. It’s been a while since I put a lot of efforts in drawing. 😆 case if you have deviantArt account [link] (oh, hey the description is in Indonesian!)

Concerning Death

November 18, 2009

I could say, most of this entry will just a retelling of my older post from my old blog. I have already wrote a similar entry, concerning death, regarding the death of my cat. Well let’s just not talk about my pet. In the conclusion of that entry I conclude that, regarding death and the memories concerning the dead that we should remember the moment when the dead was still a living being. So it goes, wherever I have someone I knew found dead, I tried not to concern the death itself, instead, I will try to recall the memories of the living moments of the dead one.

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Let There Be Love

September 28, 2009

I’ll fill in an academic journal for this update. As you know it I’m attending my freshman year in bachelor degree, majoring in philosophy. I guess there’s nothing wrong if I fill in an academic journal concerning my study. Take it as my way to review things while I share things with reader 🙂

September 28, 2009

First day of college after a two-weeks break for Idul Fitri vacation.

As for the schedule there’s, History of Greek Philosophy and Epistemology.

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September 25, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Selamat datang 🙂

Fresh restart this is. Well, sometimes we need something fresh and new. It seems like I’m escaping my past, leaving everything behind, unmanaged. But is there something wrong with that? Well, I suppose there is. A bunch of people out there might sue me again, for something I left, somewhat, unmanaged. But I have life, and its a new life I’m having now. I have become a freshman for the second time. So for the last time I apologize for leaving things unmanaged. I may not be the best of a person who’s responsible of all things but I do realize, and I still knew, I have things to be fixed. Even though I have left everything behind, I still knew there is things to be fixed. There’s no need to be hot-headed now but please understand. While you’re playing RPG and you just failed a mission, you’ll restart the console didn’t you?

Sorry for being too pompous.

Talking about a game, the name for this blog (elnotion or Lemony Notion, the second one might be temporary). I derives it from the music, “Cutting Edge of Notion” by Motoi Sakuraba. A battle BGM for the game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (one of my most favorite RPGs of all time). A ‘Notion’, simply ‘conception, belief, or an idea’, while ‘el’ it’s a pronounciation for ‘L’, initial for ‘Lemon’. Maybe you can say that ‘elnotion’ means, ‘Lemon’s Notion’, my belief. Well, this blog will be like some personal journal filled with personal rants or anything related. Tis is a personal blog where I will present my personal rants, opinion, dreams, anything..Let’s just hope I can update regularly.

Will write more later. I have a game to finish, currently playing “Star Ocean: Second Evolution” :p I’m thinking to write a review concerning my thought about the Star Ocean universe though..Maybe I will.